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We Offer Water Reclamation, Oilfield Chemical Services, & More

We invite you to learn more about our water reclamation and oilfield chemical services offered throughout the Odessa and Midland, TX areas. Then, when you are ready, please get in touch. It takes a lot of work to run and maintain an oilfield, but with the help of our oilfield chemical company, we will lessen your work load and make your job easier. Whether you want to maximize your well’s production, reduce your remediation costs, dispose your salt water, have your water reclamation taken care of, or have other oilfield chemical services handled, we are the ones to call.



We aim to provide high quality products to ensure the future of each well. Our goal is to prepare the most efficient program that will prevent losses in production and reduce remediation costs. Under our program, we plan to maximize a well’s potential production through the use of products that are able to provide the following:
  • Water Treatment
  • Scale Treatment
  • Corrosion Treatment
  • Paraffin Treatment
  • Flowback Aids



Depending on a well’s location, a variety of factors may affect production. Our goal is to ensure that your well reaches its full production potential. By addressing each well’s individual needs, we create a customized program with specific products to eliminate underlying issues through the use of the following:
  • Truck Treating
  • Continuous Treatment
  • Batch Treatment
  • Innovative Treatment Methods


Salt Water Disposals

SWDs create a broad range of issues, both on surface and downhole. After analysis, our personnel can tackle the issues that SWDs may present. By treating through a specialized program, our services aim to do the following:
  • Improve Oil Recovery
  • Maintain Wellbore Integrity
  • Reduce Scaling Issues
  • Prevent Microbial Growth


Water Reclamation

We always go the extra mile for your needs. Through specific product selections and the creation of a specialized program, our personnel will ensure your pipeline remains operational and is efficient throughout.



We stand by our testing processes. We stand by our experienced personnel. Regardless of what your specialty job may require, we will ensure the correct products and program are applied to your asset to maximize its potential.  


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